"because pursuing:God is the purpose of life"
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Your soul was created to pursue God!  No other pursuit will give you true satisfaction.  This satisfaction only comes from a single-minded pursuit where you surrender the center of your life to God.  God becomes the center of everything, not just a part of everything.  This means that God’s thoughts, feelings, desires, and characteristics become your single focus.   


God, who are You?  God, what do You like?  What do You hate? How do You feel?  Why do You love?  Why did You die?  And ask any other question that deepens your thoughts and love for Him.
God is the center then God is glorified.  When God is glorified you will be most satisfied, most content, most fulfilled, and most complete.  However this pursuit is not about you or your life…it is all about God! 

This is what we call the “thesoul:pursuit.”